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Jane and Finch Concerned Citizens Organization

Mr.Jane and Finch documentary photo taken by Yvano-Wichkam-Edwards


The Jane-Finch Concerned Citizens Organization (JFCCO) is a non-profit social service community agency that was founded in 1978 by Linda Morowei and has been delivering its services from the Yorkgate Mall from January of the year 2000 to the present time. The JFCCO provides services in all areas of social advocacy, support services, training, and residency/placement for students and as well, professional counselling and referral services.

Mr. Winston LaRose is the Executive Director of the Jane-Finch Concerned Citizens Organization (JFCCO) and has worked in this capacity with the Organization, since January of 1999. He worked as a Registered Nurse in Canada from 1964 until retirement at age 65 in 2002. Most of his professional work has been as a psychotherapeutic counsellor in the mental health field at the Clarke Institute in Toronto and several other mental health Facilities in Toronto, Burlington and Hamilton. In addition to this, he operated a counselling services called “the Fairview Counselling Services” in Burlington Ontario for approximately five years. 

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